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Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety


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October 2018

In 2017, Ministry of Health figures showed that one in five New Zealanders sought help for a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder, and these figures are growing. Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety tells the real, messy story behind these statistics ­– what anxiety feels like, what causes it, what helps and what doesn’t. These accounts are sometimes raw and confronting, but they all seek to share experiences, remove stigma, offer help or simply shine a light on what anxiety is.
The stories in Headlands are told by people from all walks of life: poets, novelists, and journalists, musicians, social workers, and health professionals, and includes new work from Ashleigh Young, Tusiata Avia, Danyl McLauchlan, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Hinemoana Baker and Kirsten McDougall.
Edited by journalist Naomi Arnold, Headlands shows that some communities have better access to mental health services than others and it underscores the importance for greater understanding of the condition across the whole of society. It is not a book of solutions, nor a self-help guide. Instead, it has been put together for all individuals and whānau affected by anxiety. It’s also for those who are still suffering in silence, in the hope they will see themselves reflected in these pages and understand they are not alone.

Cover artwork and design: Hadley Donaldson

Read 'Arise and Pass Away' by Danyl McLauchlan.

Naomi Arnold is an award-winning journalist. After working as a daily news, columnist and feature writer for five years she turned freelance and now writes full-time for New Zealand and international publications, frequently on health, the environment, and science. She is the founder of Featured, a website that collects the best of New Zealand’s non-fiction writing. She has hosted a journalism podcast with The Spinoff, appeared on writing and media panels, reviewed books for Radio New Zealand, and coordinated the Nelson Readers & Writers Festival. She lives in Nelson.


Naomi Arnold

Arise and Pass Away
Danyl McLauchlan

Lucky to Be Here
Rebecca Priestley

Water Wings
Sarah Lin Wilson

What Happens
Zion Tauamiti

Not Standing Upright There
Paul Stanley Ward

The Beginning
Aimie Cronin

In a Scorched Room
Michelle Langstone

Dream Selves
Kirsten McDougall

On Citalopram
Anthony Byrt

Fake It Till You Make It
Eamonn Marra

It Needs to Start Early
An Interview with Riki Gooch

Donna McLeod           

Showing Up
Hinemoana Baker

Bonnie Etherington

Mrs Housewife
Holly Walker  

The Curse Machine
Kate Kennedy 

Worry People
Madeline Reid

Scared to Death
Kerry Sunderland

Anxiety in the Body
Rosemary Mannering

Earnest PSA
Susan Strongman

Side Effects
Paula Harris

Writing from a Dark Place
Lee Murray

Moving Earth
Selina Tusitala Marsh

Sit in the Fire
Jess McAllen

The Midst
Allan Drew

My Geography
Yvette Walker

A Short History of Unease
D.A. Glynn

Micronutrients and Mental Health
Meredith Blampied and Julia Rucklidge

Ghost Knife
Ashleigh Young

Mountain View Road
Mikey Dam

As Fresh as They Come
Tusiata Avia   


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