Gordon Anderson

Transforming Workplace Relations in New Zealand 1976–2016


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November 2017

In the late 1960s, New Zealand’s industrial relations entered the most turbulent era in its history. The following three decades witnessed the decline and eventual repeal of the arbitration system which had dominated industrial relations since 1894 and culminated with the enactment of the neo-liberal Employment Contracts Act in 1991. It was not until a decade later that the Employment Relations Act 2000 provided a broad agreement on the regulation of labour relations, resulting in almost two decades of relative stability.

Transforming Workplace Relations reflects on this revolution and speculates on the future of work relationships in a world challenged by newly evolving forms of work and employment. Contributors include both those who lived through the last 40 years as well as those who, in another 40 years, may again look back over a much changed employment landscape. 

This collection marks the 40th anniversary of the inaugural publication in May 1976 of New Zealand Journal of Industrial Relations, a journal which continues to provide a multi-disciplinary commentary and analysis of the changes impacting the lives of working New Zealanders and their employers. 


Driving Transformation
The Changing Landscape Of Workplace Relations

Ian McAndrew, Alan Geare and Fiona Edgar

The Politics of Workplace Reform: 40 Years of Change
Margaret Wilson

Administering Workplace Relationships: From IR To HR
Jane Bryson

Measuring Transformation
A Brief History of Labour’s Share of Income in New Zealand 1939–2016

Bill Rosenberg

Collective Bargaining Across Four Decades: Lessons from CLEW’s Collective Agreement Database
Stephen Blumenfeld and Noelle Donnelly 

Areas of Transformation
Reforming Workplace Health and Safety Regulation – Second Time Lucky?

Viktoriya Pashorina-Nichols, Felicity Lamm and Gordon Anderson

Women in the Workforce: Still Unequal after all these Years?
Amanda Reilly and Annick Masselot

Waves of Interest in Employee Participation in New Zealand
Erling Rasmussen and Ronny Tedestedt

Legal Transformation
Competing Visions and the Transformation of New Zealand Labour Law

Gordon Anderson

The Influence of the Legal Profession on Dispute Resolution after 1990
Susan Robson

ACC and Workers’ Health: Compensation, Compromises and Consequences
Dawn Duncan

Conclusion: Industrial Relations in Forty Years
The Editors 

Gordon Anderson is a Professor of Law at Victoria University of Wellington. He has written widely on employment law, and
 his publications include Labour Law in New Zealand (2011), Mazengarb’s Employment Law (looseleaf ed, with J Hughes, M Leggart, P Roth and others) and Reconstructing New Zealand’s Labour Law (VUP 2011). He has published numerous articles both in New Zealand and internationally.

Cover photos:
Industrial Dispute, Customhouse Quay, Wellington, 1976, by Ans Westra, courtesy of the artist and Suite Gallery.
Rea Williams from The Fresh Desk cleaning company during the announcement of the 2016 New Zealand Living Wage rate, by Cameron Burnell, courtesy of Fairfax Media NZ / Dominion Post.

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