Alison McCulloch

Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand

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mebook.gif June 2013

Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand chronicles one of the most important yet neglected chapters in New Zealand’s recent political history.

More than thirty-five years ago, at the height of the second wave of feminism, New Zealand passed a conservative abortion law that bucked a trend in the West toward liberalisation. How did this happen in a country proud of its progressive social policies – particularly its record on women’s rights? And why is such a cumbersome, expensive, endlessly litigated set of statutes still on the books? In Fighting to Choose Alison McCulloch sets out to answer those questions by taking a close look at the people involved and the tactics they employed in waging what was – and continues to be – an intense and impassioned battle.

Alison McCulloch has worked in journalism for more than twenty years, first in New Zealand and then in the United States, where she spent six years as a staff editor at the New York Times. She has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Colorado, and is active in the pro-choice movement in New Zealand, where she lives and works as a freelance journalist.

Paperback, 232 x 152mm, 300 pages

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