Allan Bell, Ray Harlow and Donna Starks

Languages of New Zealand

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A collection of essays by noted linguistic specialists, Languages of New Zealand is a valuable addition to the scholarship and study of language and linguistics in our country.

New Zealand has been characterised as one of the most monolingual countries in the world, and there is no doubt that English will remain the dominant language of this country. However, English has assumed a particular form in this country.

Distinctive features of New Zealand English are the use of Maori words, such as ‘kia ora’ and ‘tangi’ and several grammatical features such as at the weekend. New Zealand English is a relatively recent variety of English, but it is currently gaining in local prestige and is now something that many younger New Zealanders claim as part of their identity.

Recently, with increased emphasis on immigration, a government policy that promotes the use of Maori , and a more open attitude towards linguistic diversity, a growing number of languages are now being heard in the streets of our urban centres.

Edited by Allan Bell, Professor of Language and Communications at Auckland University of Technology; Ray Harlow, Associate Professor in Linguistics at the University of Waikato and Donna Starks, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics at the University of Auckland, Languages of New Zealand has contributions from experts in New Zealand English, Te Reo Maori, Cook Islands Maori, New Zealand Sign Language, phonetics and psycholinguistics and other related disciplines.


Mihi & Acknowledgements

1 Donna Starks, Ray Harlow and Allan Bell Who speaks what language in New Zealand
2 Roger Peddie Planning for the future? Languages policy in New Zealand

I Maori
Ray Harlow Maori: Introduction
3 Bernard Spolsky Maori lost and regained
4 Mary Boyce Attitudes to Maori
5 Mike Hollings Maori language broadcasting: panacea or pipedream
6 Peter Keegan The development of Maori vocabulary

II New Zealand English
Allan Bell New Zealand English: Introduction
7 David Britain Where did New Zealand English come from?
8 Laurie and Winifred Bauer Regional dialects in New Zealand children’s playground vocabulary
9 Paul Warren and Nicola Daly Characterising New Zealand English intonation – broad and narrow analysis

III Other Languages of New Zealand
Donna Starks Other languages of New Zealand: Introduction
10 Mary Roberts Immigrants’ attitudes to language maintenance
in New Zealand

11 Rachel McKee and Graeme Kennedy New Zealand Sign Language
12 Karen Davis and Donna Starks Four factors for Cook Islands Maori language maintenance
13 Koenraad Kuiper Invisible immigrants, inaudible language: Nederlands en Nederlanders in Nieuw Zeeland
14 Jeong Kim and Donna Starks Language diaries: a case study of language use in the New Zealand Korean Community



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