Aorewa McLeod

Who Was That Woman Anyway? Snapshots of a Lesbian Life

ISBN: 9780864738783

Paperback, 138 x 210mmmebook.gif
224 pages

February 2013

Emerging brittle and cynical from a wildly dysfunctional family, Ngaio careers from ice cream factory to children's home to Oxford to rehab. Along the way, she discovers herself and her sexuality -- at raucous parties with trainee nurses, in feminist encounter groups and Wiccan covens, in university classrooms and legendary sapphic hotspots. This novel delivers vivid and hilarious snapshots of late twentieth-century lesbian life: witty, tender, frank.

Aorewa McLeod taught in the University of Auckland English Department for 37 years until her retirement. She undertook the MA in creative writing at Victoria University of Wellington in 2011. She has published as a critic and edited anthologies. This is her first book.