Josh Greenberg

A Man who Eats the Heart

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A Man Who Eats the Heart will be the second sensation of New Zealand fiction in 2004.

Nathan would be an ordinary twenty-something, aimless and adrift in small-town America, if it wasn’'t for his thriving career as a burglar working for the Hoch twins, antique dealers and violent criminals. Jane has come to town in search of an ordinary life, fleeing her past as a child TV star, but bringing with her a full set of neuroses and a pack of tabloid journalists.

Quickly in over their heads, Nathan and Jane find a way out in the form of an offer-of-a-lifetime to go fly fishing in New Zealand with the world-famous fishing guide, Barry Trasch. On their incognito voyage by freighter to New Zealand, things get stranger and stranger: Jane is drawn into the strange relationship between the Captain and his First Mate, while Nathan can think only of what the enraged Hoch twins must be doing to his childhood friend Malky, and Malky’'s pedigree Huskys. On arrival, Nathan and Jane find themselves under the spell of Barry Trasch, in an extraordinary journey into the heart of the darkness of the New Zealand bush.

A Man Who Eats the Heart is blackly funny and magnificently twisted. It is also beautifully written and attentive to the mysteries of the heart.

'‘Fantastic!’' ——Nigel Cox

'A Man Who Eats the Heart is an extremely impressive, offbeat and heartfelt first novel from 25-year-old American, Josh Greenberg. So poignant, moving and wise are the observations on life within the book that it is sometimes hard to believe that it could be written by someone so young. And so striking, well paced and memorable is the writing that the reader can't be blamed for feeling compelled to re-read whole passages just for the sheer beauty and accomplishment.' —Katy Robinson, Staple

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