Anthony L Smith (ed)

Southeast Asia and New Zealand

ISBN: 9780864735195
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Paperback, 152 x 230mm
392 pages

August 2005

Published in association with the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore and the NZ Institute of International Affairs.

This history is an account of Southeast Asia-New Zealand relations as they have emerged since the end of World War II. Drawing together the most prominent scholars of New Zealand’s relations with Southeast Asia, this study is divided into chapters that examine the overall military, multilateral and commercial relationships and chapters that assess individual bilateral relationships and diplomatic controversies. Southeast Asia remains a regions of considerable importance for New Zealand, and has remained so through the course of decolonisation, internal instability, external security, Cold War tensions, peacekeeping efforts, rapidly expanding economic growth (and crisis), and, increasingly, transitional security challenges such as terrorism.

Anthony L. Smith is an Associate Research Professor at the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Hawai’i and an Associate Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.