Damien Wilkins

Nineteen Widows Under Ash

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Nineteen Widows Under Ash is the third novel by acclaimed New Zealand author Damien Wilkins.

Evelyn has left her home and her husband. She has taken her thirteen-year-old daughter two thousand miles across the USA to her childhood home. The drizzly Pacific Northwest suits Evelyn's mood perfectly. She takes small doses of liquor from a secret supply and spends her time smoking under wet trees in the company of a hen. But her home town has more on its mind than Evelyn's troubles. The volcano that sits on the horizon has suddenly become active. Scientists, tourists, thrill-seekers flood the district. Evelyn tries to ignore it. She cannot, however ignore the phone calls she starts receiving following a car accident. Who is the caller? What does he want?

'A meditation on the big issues, life and death, written with an austere elegance this is, simply, a wonderful book.' —Michele Hewitson, NZ Herald

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