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Grey & Iwikau: A Journey into Custom

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This book traces the journey overland from Auckland to Taupo of the Governor of New Zealand, Sir George Grey, and the Upoko Ariki (paramount chief) of Tuwharetoa, Iwikau Te Heu Heu, with their respective parties, in the summer of 1849–1850. Through the skillful use of little-known contemporary diaries and drawings, Alex Frame sheds light on the interaction between the respective cultures of Grey and Iwikau – in particular as to custom and law – in a period before the descent into hostilities between Government and the tribes.

Alex Frame suggests that the lesson to be gleaned from the Grey/Iwikau journey may be that undertaking arduous or difficult work together creates a shared experience capable of superseding cultural divides; the commonality creating, albeit temporarily and artificially, a shared universe and a habit of cooperation which reduces the distance between the participants. His message is that the pathway for the evolutionary development of a common law for Aotearoa/New Zealand – one which recognises and accommodates the best and most functional of the concepts and values of our two major cultures – lies open before us.

Grey & Iwikau: A Journey Into Custom Kerei Raua Ko Iwikau: Te Haerenga Me Nga Tikanga was launched by Nagti Tuwharetoa Ariki Tumu Te Heuheu and Governer General Dame Silvia Cartwright at Government House in Wellington on 15th August 2002.

Publication is supported by grants from the New Zealand Law Foundation and Te Matahauariki Institute.

Praise for Grey and Iwikau

...a thoughtful and measured contribution to an issue which can easily be turned into a legal, social and political minefield.

This work is certainly a step forward in our law theory...Farme, perhaps, points to what we need to know to truly grow up.

David Simmons NZ HERITAGE

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