Roger D J Collins, Glynnis M Cropp, K R Howe, and Noele R Watts

Pacific Journeys: Essays in honour of John Dunmore

ISBN: 9780864735072
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Paperback, 172 x 239mm
232 pages

Published 2005

This volume of studies on the Pacific, most of which relate to the French presence and influence in the region, has been planned as a tribute to the invaluable role John Dunmore has had in advancing historical knowledge of the Pacific and encouraging scholarly interest in this field.

Praise for Pacific Journeys

‘This volume is a handsome presentation in [Dunmore's] honour by colleagues, students and others, some writing in French, others in English, and there is nothing else like it in the whole bibliography of the Pacific. …this book is an intriguing blend of themes and a fine tribute to a dedicated scholar.’ 
—James Ritchie, Waikato Times

‘Altogether, this volume is a worthy tribute to a historian who has done much to explain the naval origins of a French presence in the Pacific and contains much of interest to regional historians.’
—Colin Newbury, Journal of Pacific History

Scholarly Publications Dealing with the Pacific
by John Dunmore

A French Garden in Tasmania: The Legacy of Félix Delahaye (1767–1829)
by E. Duyker

I’ll Make You Eat Grass Like Cows: Food and the Bounty Mutiny 
by A. Frost

L’Ancre et le Plomb: l’édition des voyages maritimes en France au Siècle des Lumières
by F. Moureau

Nine Days in Nouvelle-Cythère: The Origins of French Artwork in the Pacific
by C. Hemming

Le Retour de la France dans le Pacifique sous la Restauration
by C. Huetz de Lemps

Patrick O’Reilly: Bibliographer of the Pacific
by H. Laracy

Jean-Marie Grange, Clerc de Saint Viateur in New Zealand
by J. Munro

Maori as Missionary: A Whanganui Case Study
by M. R. Owens

French Whalers and the Maori
by P. Tremewan

French Whalers at Otago 1838 to 1853
by I. Church

Les Histoires de Jean-Marie Cabidoulin, le Roman Baleinier de Jules Verne 
by C. Mortelier

Stranger than Fiction: Ethnography and Narrative Writing in French Polynesia
by R. Arnoux

‘Hybridity’ in French-Kanak Encounters in the Literatures of Kanaky/New Caledonia
by R. Ramsay

Dernières Nouvelles du théâtre calédonien: Les Dieux sont borgnes
by S. Faessel

New Caledonia: A botanical Mecca 
by J. Dawson