Stephanie de Montalk

Animals Indoors

ISBN: 9780864733894
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The debut collection of poetry from award-winning author Stephanie de Montalk, and winner of the NZSA Jessie Mackay Award for Best First Book of Poetry at the 2001 Montana NZ Book Awards.

‘Stephanie de Montalk writes with unusual grace … Animals Indoors is the best first book of poetry this year.’
—Guy Allan, NZ Herald

‘Stephanie de Montalk has a flair for the theatrical, though she matches her artifice to the real world. This first collection shows a mature talent and steady poise.’ 
—Janet Wilson, Evening Post

Stephanie de Montalk is the award-winning author of several collections of poems; The Fountain of Tears, a novel that imagines the narrative behind Pushkin’s great poem of impossible love, ‘The Fountain at Bakhchisaray’; and Unquiet World: The Life of Count Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk, which was published to acclaim in 2001 and has been translated into Polish. Stephanie's most recent publication is How Does It Hurt? (2014), a memoir and study of chronic pain. Described by Damien Wilkins as ‘groundbreaking and riveting and beautiful’, the work was published to critical and medical acclaim, and received a Nigel Cox Award at the 2015 Auckland Writers’ Festival. Stephanie was the 2005 Victoria University Writer in Residence, and she lives in Wellington.