Malcolm Templeton

A Wise Adventure 2: New Zealand & Antarctica after 1960

ISBN: 9781776561681

October 2017

Since the adoption of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959, Antarctica has been governed through a unique system of international collaboration. Designed to ensure the frozen continent is maintained exclusively for peaceful purposes, with freedom of scientific investigation, the Antarctic Treaty system has evolved to encourage high standards of environmental protection and the sustainable management of living resources.
A companion volume to A Wise Adventure (VUP, 2000), A Wise Adventure 2 covers these developments, shedding light on the challenges the Antarctic Treaty system has faced and overcome from its inception to the present day. It explains the background to the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources – today responsible for the management of the highly sought-after Patagonian and Antarctic toothfish; documents the negotiations over the minerals regime which was adopted but never brought into force; and records the subsequent negotiations that resulted in the Madrid Protocol on Environment Protection.

A Wise Adventure 2 is an important chronicle of New Zealand’s engagement in Antarctica and a detailed and fascinating window on the complex negotiations around governance in this remarkable part of the planet.
Cover: Campsite beside Lake Wellman, Darwin Mountains, Antarctica, 2008–09. Photo by Fiona Shanhun ©Antarctica New Zealand Pictorial Collection