Michael Blain

Wellington Cathedral of St Paul

ISBN: 9780864734280
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Wellington’s Cathedral Church of S Paul was consecrated on 15 October 2001. This day marked the realisation of a vision held by generations of Anglicans to see a cathedral for the capital city of New Zealand.

‘Our cathedral has travelled like the Ark of the Covenant of Moses’ day.’ This book is a record of that journey from Museum Street in Thorndon, to Taranaki Street, to the Basin Reserve, and back to Molesworth Street. Walking beside the Ark are the people, their values and their views, their leaders and the effects of their decisions. This is a story of conflict and resolution, of change, challenge and finally of achievement.

Fr Michael Blain’s history of the cathedral was launched at the special Evensong to mark the retirement of Dean Michael Brown which was held on Sunday 14 April 2002.