Maria McMillan

Tree Space

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June 2014

Tree space is the vast mathematical terrain occupied by ancestral trees of a group of species. Between them the trees, some bushy and some stark, account for all possible ways in which species might relate to one another.

Maria McMillan’s first full collection creates a new, invigorating space in New Zealand poetry. These are poems that refuse to settle, that grow and climb fearlessly into unknowable places within science, personal history, politics and ethics. Language breaks apart and fuses back together. Our edges blur with those of other species, creating a brilliant, shimmering cacophony.

Maria McMillan is a writer, activist and information architect who lives on the Kāpiti Coast. She is also the author of The Rope Walk, a chapbook published as a limited edition by Seraph Press in 2013:

‘These poems restore our sense of the rough, jagged edges of New Zealand, the uncertainty of existence – what is my role here? – and the dearth of solid answers.’ 
Valley Voice

‘Taut, linguistically striking and thematically inventive, The Rope Walk is a dazzling work.’ 
Landfall Review Online

Cover by Keely O’Shannessy



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