Jenny Bornholdt

The Hill of Wool


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May 2011

NZ Listener top 100 pick, 2011.

The Hill of Wool is a book about memories. Some memories live and grow in families. Some are inspired by rediscovered children’s songs and stories. Others are triggered by chance encounters with old boyfriends. Sometimes personal and lyrical, sometimes jagged and strange like untamed children’s rhymes, these new poems will delight Jenny Bornholdt’'s many readers.

Jenny Bornholdt is a poet and anthologist. She is the author of a number of collections of poetry including Summer (2003) and These Days (2000) and Miss New Zealand: Selected Poems (1997), which contains work from her four earliest collections of poetry, This Big Face (1988), Moving House (1989), Waiting Shelter (1991) and How We Met (1995). Her book The Rocky Shore (2008) won the Montana New Zealand Book Award for Poetry in 2009.

'As usual there's an element of whimsical humour, but in this collection Bornholdt stretches language to new edges. The resulting odd, beautiful phrases show a poet in full command of language.' —Jodi Yeats

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