Rod Alley (ed)

New Zealand in World Affairs IV 1990–2005

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Published in association with The New Zealand Institute of International Affairs

At the beginning of 1990, the Berlin Wall had just fallen, few believed that there was any serious threat to the environment, 9/11 was just any date, the Pacific was seen largely as an idyllic and stable region and Iraq was just another Middle Eastern state.

By 2005 Iraq meant two wars; the ‘Cold War’ had been replaced by the ‘war on terror’; East Timor, Bougainville, Fiji and the Solomons were all synonyms for strife and instability in the region; and sustainability, global warming and climate change were everyday topics.

New Zealand in World Affairs IV surveys the period 1990–2005, provides a record of New Zealand’'s major international preoccupations, describes how they were officially handled and makes assessments of how effectively the challenges were interpreted and acted upon. This authoritative collection of essays, the fourth in a series commissioned by the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, completes a survey of New Zealand’'s foreign relations since World War II.

Roderic Alley Introduction

Colin James Three-step with Matilda: Trans-Tasman relations

Terence O'’Brien New Zealand and the International System

David McIntyre Renaissance to Residualism? New Zealand and the Commonwealth

Robert Patman and Jeremy Hall New Zealand-US Relations in a Globalising World

Robert Ayson Defence and Security Policy

Chris Nixon and John Yeabsley New Zealand Trade and Trade Policy

Matthew Gibbons and Martin Holland Friends Re-united? New Zealand and the European Union

Mark Rolls New Zealand and East Asia

John Henderson New Zealand and Oceania

Don McKay New Zealand and International Law

Felicity Wong Environment and Conservation

Leslie Holborow Retrospect and Towards the Future

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