Danyl McLauchlan

Mysterious Mysteries of the Aro Valley


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June 2016


Paperback, 138 x 210mm, 376 pages

A returning hero.
A desolate valley.
A missing mathematician.
A glamorous and beguiling council bureaucrat with a hidden past.
A cryptic map leading to an impossible labyrinth.
An ancient conspiracy; an ancient evil.
A housing development without proper planning permission.
All leading to the most mysterious mystery of all.

Mysterious Mysteries of the Aro Valley is a dark and forbidding new comic farce by the author of Unspeakable Secrets of the Aro Valley.

'McLauchlan's second novel is more accomplished, more complex and, surprisingly given the comic tone and hectic farce, romantic and almost mature.' —Philip Matthews,

'Where to now? Can McLauchlan have any more mouldy cupboards to open? For sure, for sure. I look forward to Unspeakable Revelations, or possibly Chilling Chapters, from the Aro Valley.' —David Hill, NZ Herald

Danyl [it’s pronounced Dan-ill] McLauchlan was born in Wellington in 1974. He studied at Victoria University, and worked and travelled in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, before he returned to Wellington where he works as a biologist. Mysterious Mysteries of the Aro Valley is his second book.

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