Jon Johansson and Stephen Levine

Moments of Truth: The New Zealand General Election of 2014


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10 September 2015

The 2014 general election was surely the most bizarre election campaign in New Zealand’s history. Moments of Truth tells the story of a campaign in which: 

  • NSA leaker Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange join Kim Dotcom in New Zealand for a televised ‘moment of truth’ that threatens the future of Prime Minister John Key’s government.
  • Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics puts the spotlight on blogger Cameron Slater and his messages to and from the Beehive.
  • Cabinet Minister Judith Collins resigns mid-campaign.
  • The National Party finds itself sued by an American rap star.
  • Labour Party leader David Cunliffe apologises for being a man.

At the end of the day John Key remains the country’s prime minister – how, after all the tumult and confusion, did that happen?

The contributors to Moments of Truth – an experienced group of political party leaders and campaign managers, media and political commentators, pollsters, consultants and academics – seek to provide some answers and insights into an election unlike any before it.

Moments of Truth continues a series of authoritative election studies – including The Baubles of Office (2007), Key to Victory (2010) and Kicking the Tyres (2012) – essential for anyone interested in New Zealand’s government and politics. Featuring a DVD containing additional campaign footage, including the campaign openings, television and internet advertisements, billboards, televised debates, election documents, election-night statements and a montage of items relating to the ‘dirty politics’ controversy and the ‘moment of truth’ even.

Contributors: John Key, Andrew Little, Winston Peters, David Carter, Russell Norman, Jane Clifton, Steven Joyce, Corin Higgs, Colin James, Te Ururoa Flavell, Stephen Mills, Nicola Kean, Peter Dunne, Rob Salmond, Therese Arseneau, David Seymour, Kate McMillan, Nigel S. Roberts, Tim Barnett, Stephen Church, Morgan Godfery, David Talbot, Jon Johansson, Stephen Levine, Matthew Beveridge

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