Barbara Anderson

House Guest, The

ISBN: 9780864732880
Availability: Out of Print

Paperback, 215 x 139mebook.gifmm

Published 1995

Robin Dromgoole, the only son of a widowed mother, learns to cook with Emmeline who lives next door. But Lisa on the other side, whom he minded when she was a baby, is the girl he marries. As usual Anderson's writing is dazzling, she writes from the heart and shoots from the hip.

Praise for The House Guest
‘… a rich, likable, intelligent novel’
—Philip Tew, Press

‘… plausible, well told, fast and fun’
—Lydia Wevers, Evening Post

‘This is an excellent books from an accomplished writer.’
—John Daniell, Capital Times

‘Anderson writes an enthralling story. While there is plenty to ponder on, the light touch of a writer working at her assured best means that the reader is treated to a wide range of philosophical and social observations in a constantly entertaining way. The combination of family history and literary whodunit has hardly been better achieved anywhere.’
—Simon Garrett, Dominion

‘… Barbara Anderson's new novel is a colourful, quirky, lively creation. The direct, unpretentious style of this New Zealand writer belies her complex seriousness and makes The House Guest a pleasure to read.’
—Katie Owen, Sunday Telegraph

‘Every character in this novel is a little masterpiece, brought to life in Anderson's idiomatic, jumpy sentences. This is a writer with flawless observation and an offhand knack of making you forget just how clever she is.’
—Penny Perrick, Times