Anna Sanderson


ISBN: 9780864735430
Availability: Out of Print


Brainpark is a wholly convincing experiment in the essay form. A core theme of disassociation of feeling (or truth value) and aesthetic effect is explored in a number of contexts – family, faith, art history, sanctuary – through 20 short autobiographical sketches, followed by a sustained investigation into the history, meaning and present uses of a red brick church building in Webb St, Wellington.

Described by Ian Wedde as ‘sophisticated, inventive, charming and intellectually playful. An intriguing structure, an engrossing read, a critically astute piece of writing and a mature accomplishment’, Brainpark sets a new standard for the personal essay in New Zealand.

'When I started reading Brainpark I began turning down the corners of pages which had phrases or images I particularly liked. I had to stop: the book rapidly began to look like a messy origami bird. This is a book for readers who enjoy Jeanette Winterson, the fledgling genre of creative non-fiction, or simply the uncommon treat of straight talking about art.'
—Abby Cunnane, Capital Times