Geoff Cochrane

Aztec Noon

ISBN: 9780864732316
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Published 1992

Aztec Noon is Geoff Cochrane's first full collection of poems. Part One comprises 27 poems written in the last two years, in which his poetry has achieved an impressive maturity. Part Two is a selection of poems from his highly regarded private-press books of the seventies and eighties, which record both the development of a voice and a life in the margins of the city.

‘At his best Cochrane is very good indeed … his use of language can liberate meaning from meanings of words, and that’s a rare gift … Cochrane’s language may shine with pain, but it’s still alive, and to that extent it’s independent of him.’ —Ian Wedde, Islands

Geoff Cochrane is the author of sixteen collections of poetry, two novels, and Astonished Dice: Collected Short Stories (2014). Geoff received an Arts Foundation of New Zealand Laureate Award in 2014. In 2009 he was awarded the Janet Frame Prize for Poetry, and in 2010 the inaugural Nigel Cox Unity Books Award.