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Ashleigh Young's launch speech for Moral Sloth

When I was working on this book with Nick I quickly figured out that if I wanted Nick to change something, I just had to say, ‘This could be funnier’ and he would change it. This is how I got him to replace one line in his list poem, ‘What to Avoid C
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Lynn Jenner's launch speech for The Burning River

I’ve been told that a launch speech should be very short and that its plot should move quickly to its climax at which point I find an original and witty way to say buy this book. So here is the crux. The Burning River is book is an important as
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Ashleigh Young's launch speech for Craven

My favourite image in this book is of a figurehead in the shape of a woman on the front of a huge salty ship. The woman is pressing ahead through the ocean while being pelted with bugs. She is serene and stately, despite her somewhat undignified posi
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Lawrence Patchett Q&A

Tina Makereti: I’m going to start with the VUP blurb for the book, because it’s not an easy story to put into a few words: ‘In a radically changed Aotearoa New Zealand, Van’s life in the swamp is hazardous. Sheltered by Rau and Matewai, he mines plas
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