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essa may ranapiri Q&A

I want to start by talking about location. Māori as, but I feel like where we stand and how we interact with the land is integral to the work we create and I see it in your work. The Waikato, with all her history has a specific sort of Wairua and sig
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Launch Speech for Lay Studies

Lay Studies by Steven Toussaint was launched on the 9th of July, 2019 at Unity Books in Wellington. John Dennison composed this poem for the launch. Kia ora koutou and good evening everyone –I’m John Dennison, fellow poet and, fittingly perhaps,
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Ashleigh Young Q&A

Your second collection of poetry, How I Get Ready, begins with a long poem, ‘The Spring’, a poem I’ve become slightly obsessed with reading. The poem starts with the story of an anxious person who sees a horse fallen over in a street. The person c
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Greville Texidor – All the Juicy Pastures

All the Juicy Pastures is a biography by Margot Schwass about the fascinating life of writer Greville Texidor. Last week we launched the biography at Vic Books and below are the speeches given by Margot and Harry Ricketts at the launch, both of which
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Lynn Davidson Q&A

Your new collection Islander is very much about the feeling of being between places, even though the places you mention as home – New Zealand, Australia and now Edinburgh – are very much present in the poems. Can you tell us what this idea of ‘hom
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